16 Overnight Beauty Tricks That Will Guarantee You Wake Up Flawless

December 13, 2016

Beyonc may be able to wake up flawless with the help of her team of beauty experts, but the rest of us usually have a little more trouble greeting the mirror in the morning. If you’re anything like me, it’s usually a puffy, mascara-smeared mess. And I won’t even mention how many different directions my hair decides to go in.

But thanks to some easy and totally natural tricks, we can at least get a bitcloser to being on Queen Bey’s level. The first step, of course, is remembering to take your makeup off at the end of the night. This is something you just cannot be lazy about! I know I forget constantly, but it really is the most important part of keeping your face from breaking or drying out overnight.

Then try all of these fantastic ideas to give your hair and skin a boost of moisture, fight off baggy eyes, curl your hair without harmful heat, and more!

1. Combine cinnamon and honey for an acne spot treatment.


You just need one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon. You can also use this as an allover mask!

2. Or go all natural with drops of pure aloe vera to zap zits.


Snap open a leaf and apply directly to your trouble areas.

3. Slather your feet in Vaseline or moisturizer and cover with socks.


You’ll wake up with feet so soft, you’ll feel like you just got a pedicure! This DIY balm is an excellent moisturizer choice.

4. Do the same for your hands with a cozy pair of gloves.


Coconut oil works great for keeping your hands and nails nourished.

5. Use castor oil to help your lashes grow longer.


This easy method combines the oil with vitamin E and sweet almond oil. Of course, coconut oil couldn’t hurt either!

6. Keep your skin from drying out while you dream with a humidifier.


You can find some fairly inexpensive options, and they’ll make a BIG difference!

7. Upgrade to silk pillows if you have curly hair to fight nighttime frizz.


It will also help eliminate annoying sleep lines from your face!

8. Spritz your hair with tanning oil for heat-free curls in the morning.


Simply twist your hair into small buns for a moisture-rich option rather than fry it out with a curling iron!

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