Carrie Underwood on why she got a ‘mom hair’ haircut

December 27, 2016

Carrie Underwood has sported quite a few dos over the years, but most recently shes gone with a shorter, simpler look. In a new interview with Elle, she admits its a trade-off she made for her son, Isaiah.

Now that my hair is shorter, its easier to fix, which was the whole point, the country superstar explains. Cutting my hair was a mom move. I wash my hair every day and I know thats not great for it, but I work out and I sweat a lot so I need to, and Im on stage and I sweat even more. I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and Id much rather do the latter.

In fact, Underwood has streamlined her entire beauty regimen since having her son.

Things have just definitely gotten simpler, she says. I blow out my hair with a round brush and Im good. Its not complicated at all and Im out the door still feeling good, but thats the the simplest level [of upkeep] I do. Oh lordy, being a mom, half the time Im like, Did I put moisturizer on? Did I do that today? To be honest, whatever I can grab at a Walgreens is enough for me. I love drugstore makeup. I honestly dont think theres anything in my bag thats expensive.

Underwood is going to have to find all the free time she possibly can for her son while shes on the road on her Storyteller Tour Stories in the Round road trek, which kicked off in January and runs all the way through the end of May.

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