John Mayer gives everyone clarity by sharing his skincare secrets

December 9, 2016

Image: john mayer/snapchat

John Mayer‘s beauty routine is a wonderland.

On Wednesday night, the singer showed fans another side of himself by posting an unexpected tutorial detailing his night-time beauty regimen to Snapchat.

“You know, a lot of people ask me, ‘John, what are some of your skincare secrets?’ the singer shared on his Snapchat story. And I always say, thats an odd question to ask me, and they always say you literally just asked me to ask you that.

Mayer then kicked off his tutorial by sharing his groundbreaking skin care secrets, which we’ve listed here for your convenience.

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Unofficial Hack 1: Wear a bandana

After washing with Proactive, John begins his night-time moisturizing with his favorite line of products, Natura Biss. Though John believes the products are mostly used by 60- to 70-year old people, he still adores them.

Official Skin Hack 1: Always apply your product directly from the bottle onto your face

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Mayer refers to this method as “D.A.T.” or Direct Application Technique.

With “D.A.T.” you won’t run the terrifying risk of wasting any valuable lotion that could potentially get stuck in the cracks of your hands.

Skin Hack 2: Eye concentrate is better moisturizer

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Mayer’s professional theory is that eye cream is simplya better, more expensive facial moisturizer. He suggests we use it everywhere, because as we all know, you can’t put a price on beauty.

Skin Hack 3: The offset smiley

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Next, the singer mixes things up a little by applying Vitamin C and E complex in the shape of a smiley face two dots above his lip for the eyes, and several dots spanning each corner of his mouth across his chin.

Mayer then busts out something called Natura Biss’s Diamond Extreme, which he so eloquently defines as “some crazy shit.”

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Image: john mayer/snapchat

Using a Q-tip, he sporadically applies the Diamond Extreme to his “CNZ” (Crucial Necessity Zones,) which essentially means areas of dry skin.

Skin Hack 4: Spray Natura Biss’s Diamond Mist Spray (but not directly on your skin)

Image: john mayer/snapchat

To conclude his night-time regimen, John sprays this finishing mist in the air in front of his face, and then headbutts it…totally normal.

The End (finally)

Image: john mayer/snapchat

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