These 7 Morning Beauty Hacks Are A Lazy Girls Dream

December 26, 2016

If youre anything like me, dragging yourself out of bed in the morning can be a chore and a half.

Im lucky if I even manage to put my shirt on right side out before 7 a.m., let alone accomplish the kind of clown-inspired face-contouring miracle that weve come to expect from the Kardashians of the world.

Thats why, more often than not, I end up in the office with dark circles under my eyes and my hair in a no-shower ponytail of shame. Just once, I would like to sleep through my first two alarms and still arrive at work looking like a professional.

Thats why Im starting to throw back to some of my favorite strategies from college the ones that kept me from looking like a total zombie in my 9am microeconomics class. Im a particular fan of innovative hacks like the now-famous red lipstick trick, which arent as obvious as, say, a hat to cover greasy hair.

Read on to check out seven of my favorite strategies for getting some quality Zzz’swhile still looking like a human being rather than a gremlin!

1. Line your eyes with a white pencil to make them appear wider and brighter.


This is the first trick in the book when it comes to remaining awake when you really, really aren’t. Keep a white eyeliner pencil on hand, and line your waterline (just inside your lashes)to get your twinkle back on a foggy morning. The white color makes your eyes appear more open than they might actually be, and while also make them pop more and appear brighter.

2. Double up your pillows when you hit the hay at night.


This one is so easy, I can literally do it while I sleep. In fact, that’s kind of how it works. Prop your head up with two pillows at night to keep your blood circulating during the night. This will help improve early-morning puffiness right from the get-go, by insuring that it all fades away overnight.

3. Skip your daily shampoo, and go right to source!


Instead of washing your hair on the daily (especially since your hairdresser has been on your case about that) switch to a more systematic routine. If you have bangs, just washing those every other day or sowill make your whole ‘do look more fresh.For other hair styles, you can try just washing the roots, and conditioning the rest of your hair, or use dry shampoo to boost your hair.

4. Wake up every morning with perfect mermaid hair.


This is an option pretty much restricted to long-haired gals. As the former owner of a pixie cut, I can say with some authority that short-haired girls have a LOT less work on their hands.Even the score by braiding your hair before bed andtaking it out in the morning. This keeps your hair tidy when you sleep, and you’ll be out the door quick as a bunny.

5. Keep an old (clean!) toothbrush on hand.


You know that feeling when you put your hair up and notice that you have some fly-aways, but you’re way too lazy to redo the whole style? Instead, just spray some hairspray on an old toothbrush and use it to slick any stray locks perfectly into place. And before, lest you be grossed out, I’m not suggesting that you hang on to every mangy toothbrush you ever owned. Just keep one that’s gently-used and boil it to re-sanitize. Better yet, buy an extra!

6. Ice is your best friend. Keep your trays filled!


Oh man, I cannot sing the praises of ice enough. It’s hands downthe most versatile tool in your beauty arsenal. Ice under your eyes in the morning can reduce puffiness, it can help remove any sticky stuff like gum or honey from your clothes, and it can set a manicure instantly! The last one is probably my fave. When you have freshly-painted nails and you’re in a rush, just dip them in a bowl of ice-water to dry them in seconds.

7. If all else fails, grab the wipes.


Nothing, I repeat,nothingis more important to a good lazy girl routine than washing your makeup off at night. If you don’t, you’ll just end up dealing with pimples and caked-on mascara the next day. Much easier in the long run to just clean your face! But if you can’t be bothered to do the whole scrubbing and rinsing routine, just make sure you keep a pack of makeup remover wipes by your bed!

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