These Gorgeous Rainbow Freckles Will Brighten Up Your Makeup Routine

January 1, 2017

From multicolored manes and gilded brows to all sorts of highly-pigmented makeup palettes — it seems like nothing is safe from being turned into the next bold beauty trend, not even freckles.

Remember when we showed you that faux-freckle fad a few months ago?

Well, it seems like some ladies took the temporary-freckle look to the next level by swapping out their boring, brown spots for all sorts of colorful freckles.

That’s right, rainbow freckles are now real things. Apparently, the best ways to achieve this sprinkled look is to draw dots on your face with colored eyeliner or use a large pore sponge to apply spots of liquid lipstick to your complexion.

If you ask me, these colorful flecks are great ways to brighten up your beauty routine and add edgy elements to your cute and innocent style.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this rainbow freckle trend.

Forget the normal faux freckles.

Now, ladies are losing their minds over the newest makeup craze.

Behold, rainbow freckles.

This new trend kicks those normal faux freckles up a notch by swapping out the brown tones for some colorful pigments.

You can add some eye-catching spots to your style…

Brighten up the bridge of your nose with a pop of purple…

Add some sparkly spots to your face…

Match your freckles to your fabulous hair…

Splatter your cheeks in multicolored spots…

Play up your complexion with some swirling, cosmic freckles…

Adorn your skin with bold sequin spots…

Revamp your beauty routine with some brilliant rhinestone dots…

Dust your nose in faint, shimmery freckles…

…or embrace your inner mermaid with some mesmerizing freckles inspired by the sea.

There’s no wrong way to get in on this trend, so grab a couple colors, and get creative.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/envision/rainbow-freckles-makeup-photos/1368465/

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