These Hacks Prove Youve Been Using Your Bobby Pins Wrong This Whole Time

December 30, 2016

It’s finally fall (thank goodness), and that means you may be looking for another way to wear your hair for the impendingcooler weather though we’ll definitely miss those beachy waves.

Thankfully, we have a beauty blogger who knows a thing or two about this very matter:Ingrid Nilsen has the answer for your fall-centric hairstyle needs, and bobby pins are where it’s at. The thing is, we’ve been wearing them wrong this whole time.

As Ingrid points out, the key to making her three suggestions for bobby pin styles look great is to wear them bumpy side down.So if you, like me, having been wearing them wrong the entirety of your life, then what better way to turn over a new leaf than with a video jam-packed with bobby pin hacks?

Stick around after Ingrid breaks it down with her three styles for pinned hair, because the best is yet to come. Those little hair clips have some brilliant uses beyond the hair on your head they’re useful for household necessities, as well. From solving your toothpaste woes to ensuring the longevity of your snack cabinet, she has some useful tricksfor these inexpensive-yet-invaluable hair accessories to maximize the bang for your buck.

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