This Easy-To-Make Face Mask Uses Beer To Banish Tired, Depleted Skin!

January 1, 2017

I am a really lazy girl who never wants to leave the house without looking perfectly put-together. Needless to say, these two priorities tend to work at cross-purposes to one another its pretty hard to look flawless when you roll out of bed half an hour late every day.

Thats why I love finding new beauty hacks that I havent heard about before. These days, I adhere strictly to such brilliant strategies as the teaspoon cat-eye and the Coca-Cola curls. Essentially, if it will help me look good, and shave a few minutes off my morning routine, you can pretty much count me in.

Thats why I was thrilled when I discovered this brilliant trick perfectly suited to lazy weekend mornings especially if the night before was a little wild!

Its a DIY face mask that hydrates, revitalizes, and brightens. Best of all, it makes use of common household ingredients that almost everyone has already. The only ingredient you might not have lying around? A single bottle of IPA beer.

IPAs, or India Pale Ales, are known for their intense, hoppy flavor. As it turns out, the same hoppy quality that makes it popular with small-batch connoisseurs also makes IPAs perfect for replenishing depleted skin after a late night! Watch the video below to see how to whip up this beauty brew in just a few minutes!

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